“Dude, what happened to your blog?”

Back in November, I essentially stopped cooking until I went home for Christmas break because of issues with my landlord.  It is impossible to both cook real dinners, and have an immaculate kitchen 24/7.   You can have a clean kitchen and cook; you can have a tidy kitchen and cook, but there will be splotches on the stove top or a little dingy somethin’-somethin’ on the floor.  It’s a corollary of Murphy’s law.  However, since January I have been cooking again, cooking a lot and will have a food related post in the next week or so.


Future posts will include an increased cast of characters.  For Christmas I got a KitchenAid stand-mixer and a Cuisinart food processor.  I have not yet used either to their fullest potential but already have proposed a polygamous marriage between the three of us; I respect my partners in culinary matrimony equally and adore the unique joy each brings into my life.


Stay tuned for kitchen calamities and artichoke adventures. — K.


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