Vegetable Binge: Day Three.

It’s just too easy to roast vegetables. Prep ’em, put ’em in the oven and walk away. Way easier than making a club sandwich.

Today I decided to try brussel sprouts. I’ve never eaten a brussel sprout ’cause my Daddy didn’t like brussel sprouts and he did all the cooking and there it is. No brussel sprouts. But I saw this Ina Garten recipe, and figured it was worth seeing what all the hate and fuss was about. I made a small, snack-sized batch in case they were going to be truly atrocious.

The verdict?
Not bad, but not good either. I can see why people say sprouts have a “nutty” flavor, but I’m not about to go nutty over them – ha HA. The kosher salt was definitely a good idea, and I’ll certainly eat the others that are hanging out in my crisper…
But I don’t know that I’ll buy them again.

Pot-pie tonight.


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