Grumpy Pasta.

Phew. I don’t know what got me today, but I came back from classes exhausted. Still, if I don’t cook, I don’t eat and skipping dinner is never a good idea in my book.

I made this delicious pasta with eggplant I saw on The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I ran out of parmesan and mostly did without, but it was still delicious and oddly savory for something so veggie-friendly. Ordinarily I would’ve fixed a salad and a vegetable, but I’m tired and I didn’t feel like it.

I did however pop the cork on a tremendous bottle of wine, a Moscato from Gallo Twin Valley. Blogging about wine is worse than blogging about food, but I will say this: it sells for under ten dollars but has the taste of a twenty to twenty-five dollar wine. Sweet and fruity, I was reminded of a good vigonier. Probably the best wine I’ve tried in at least six months.

Woof. I’m going to bed!


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  1. Nik

    When you come home, go to Trader Joe’s and pick up a couple bottles of Charles Shaw. It’s only like $3 a bottle, but it’s good stuff from what I’ve heard.

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