Oatmeal has become my favorite. Oatmeal and I were estranged for a long time in my late childhood and early adolescence, only to be reunited freshman year when I discovered I could make instant oatmeal in my dorm room using an electric kettle. Those were the days: banana bread oatmeal. Look it up.

Unfortunately instant oatmeal isn’t as healthy as real oatmeal, and it has high fructose corn syrup which I’m trying – desperately trying – to eliminate from my diet. Lucky for me real oatmeal is more satisfying and just as easy if you make it in the microwave.

My favorite oatmeal preparation is oatmeal + raisins + walnuts + brown sugar + cinnamon. It equals delicious. A bit of a sugar fix, but sometimes that’s what I need to get out the door on Monday.

There will definitely be no oatmeal tomorrow because I’ve run flat out! In a way this is a blessing, because I’ve been dying to try steel-cut oats since I saw this recipe on The Kitchn. I know it will take more time but the idea of a truly chewy oatmeal gets my mouth a-waterin’!

Later this week I’ll check out some farther out grocery stores to suss out the oatmeal situation. I also need new tea and would like an opportunity to ogle fancy cheese and “luxury” grocery items.

Happy eating!



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3 responses to “Breakfast.

  1. Nik

    I make mine with apple sauce and cinnamon, but it just feels like something’s missing that’d really make it explode. Any suggestions?

  2. katharinecooks

    Ooh, apple sauce, that’s a good idea. But for my part, I’d need something to chew on with your oatmeal – either some nuts, or my favorite favorite! raisins.

    Can’t get enough of raisins. Nature’s candy my friend. Nature’s candy.

  3. Nik

    Walnuts and applesauce…!

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